Mechatronics is the merger of Mechanical, Electronic and Computer Technologies.  Often this refers to Robotics or Industrial Automation.
Through more than 50 hands-on labs, you will learn how to program and interface a microcontroller (computer-on-a-chip) to LED's,  motors, sensors, pneumatics, remote controls, LCD's, Ultra sonic range finders, play music, build robots, cranes, solar trackers, and much, much more.
The skills you learn in MECHATRONICS are in HUGE demand in the real world.  They are directly used in 6 of the top 10 top-earning college majors.
UC Davis, Cal Poly, CSU Chico, and Sierra College all offer degrees in mechatronics.

This class is supported by the Sierra College STEM Collaborative 
and partially funded throught a grant from the California Community
Colleges Chancellor's Office to promote Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math (STEM).  © 2009 Chancellor's Office,
California Community Colleges. 

 Sponsored by a PG&E Solar Schools Grant

Mechatronics, Placer High School, Auburn CA