The Placer Union High School District supports students having a positive work experience as well as a successful academic experience. However, this philosophy also stresses that work enhances the school experience but does not replace it. District guidelines emphasize that the student is a student first and an employee second.
These guidelines mandate that the issuing of a Work Permit and the privilege to work is revocable depending upon the student’s attendance at school and satisfactory academic achievement. If a student chooses not to maintain satisfactory academic progress, a work permit may be revoked.
To obtain a work permit, the student must complete the following process:
  1. Student must obtain and completed the following Eligibility to Receive/Maintain a Work Permit Signature Form and Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit Form. These forms are available on this webpage as a link or may be picked up in the office on the information wall.
  2. Forms must be returned to Karen Cook in the office. All school fines must be paid prior to Work Permit being issued.
  3. Please allow for a 24 hour process to obtain your Official Work Permit.