Principal's Message

Colfax High School is a community school where courage and pride are discovered, respect and integrity are lived and scholarship and merit are pursued.   We are a school of over fifty years of rich history but our tradition of excellence is what drives us.   Our campus is a vibrant place where students are mentored by a caring staff who believe all students can learn at high levels.  Each of our staff work hard every day to provide the best educational experience possible for the students.  We seek to stimulate our student's thinking, challenge their intellectial and creative minds and instruct and reinforce the values of our community.  We do this in a community that is inclusive of many kinds of students and families bringing together a Falcon family of varied academic, socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Our interests vary and we really encourage students and parents to participate in a well rounded and comprehensive educational experience.  However, despite our varied backgrounds and interests, we hold true to the core value of "We Are Colfax" above our independent pursuits. 

When students enroll into Colfax High School, he or she has a wide array of rigorous academic course offerings, programs in the development of their mental and physical health and opportunities to pursue interests in athletics, the performing and visual arts, career tech essentials and social activities.  Students will be strongly encouraged to contribute to the good of others through community service projects as well as demonstrate the highest quality of behavior in classes, rallies, assemblies, athletic events and in the community.   We are committed to excellence in all that we do in a supportive and caring environment.  We pursue that excellence in a continuing partnership with parents as the primary educators of their children. 

It is my honor to be the principal of Colfax High School and be actively involved in the process of teaching students to be life-long learners, to encourage students to stretch beyond their expectations and to witness their growth each day.  I am inspired by our students innovation, determination and idealism and I have no doubts that they will be ready to take on the challenge of becoming our future leaders and servants of an ever-changing world. 

We invite you to get inspired with us, to work alongside us and to celebrate the joys of our student achievements.  We are the greatest high school in the world;  we have the greatest students and staff in the world; and we live in the most beautiful and enriching communities in the world.  "WE ARE COLFAX!"