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Career Cruising

Every student has access to an account with Career CruisingYour Username is the prefix "PUHSD" + your Permanent ID number (e.g. PUHSD-1023011234). Your password will be your birthdate (e.g. 05261999).  

Students can easily access Career Cruising through their school Google account. When using your Chrome Book:

  1.  Click on the PUHSD Bookmark on the bookmark tool bar.
  2.  Then click on Career Cruising.
  3. Click on the Google "sign in" link and it will go automatically to the students individual Career Cruising Portfolio.

If you are having issues signing in from the Career Cruising bookmark, follow these steps to access Career Cruising and to find your Permanent ID number:

  1. Access your Parent Portal account to view your transcript.
  2. You can locate your Permanent ID number on the top of your transcript next to your middle name, it is a 10 digit number usually starting with '102301'
  3. Access the PUHSD Career Cruising website and put in your username and password as shown above.

If you cannot log into the website, please see your counselor for your username and password. Click here if you have not created your Parent Portal account.

Career Cruising is a web-based program that provides you with opportunities to explore your personal interests, skills, and values. Career Cruising also provides you with access to a rich database of career-related resources. Because it is web-based, you can get into Career Cruising from any computer with internet access, (e.g., at home, at school, at a public library, etc.)

Some of the features of Career Cruising Include:

  • Career profiles with interviews and videos.
  • Interest assessment tools and skills assessment tools.
  • Learning styles inventory.
  • Access to college and university information.
  • A personal portfolio tool with a built-in resume builder.
  • An employment guide.