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Information Technology Department

Information Technology Staff: Louis MarstonWade Wolff

Courses Offered and Essential Learning Outcomes: Computer Network Technician : Part of the Information Technology Support & Services Pathway

Colfax Technology Team (CTT)

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Colfax Technology Team (CTT) is to provide technology support to students, staff, teachers and add valuable real-life skills for themselves. Team members are trained to perform and complete specific repairs, maintenance, provide software support and management of Colfax High School's technology resources. All team members build and manage professional portfolios to chronicle their work, participate with online programming courses and work on self-paced projects to enhance their knowledge base, and practice skill sets, in the Information Technology Field.

Colfax Technology Team
Informational Video


STAFF 2019-2020
Customer Service: x2812

Block 1:
Scarlet Everhart - Customer Service
Connor McKelvey - Technician
Robert Everhart - Technician
Logan Grimes - Technician
Ari St. Jacques - Technician
Ethan Walker - Technician

Block 2:
Kyrah Thompson - Customer Service
Michaelangelo Taylor (Co-Lead) - Technician
Benjamin Cross - Technician
Owen Morris - Technician
Colby Preis - Technician

Block 3:
Robert (Bobby) McCann - Customer Service
Wyatt Gibson - Technician
William Torres - Technician
Zachary Duarte - Technician
Kaleb Nister - Technician
Zachary Starbuck - Technician

Block 4:
Carli Mentas - Customer Service
Matthew Buettner (Co-Lead) - Technician
Garrett Arcand - Technician
Daniel Buettner - Technician
Elijah Hantman - Technician

Peer Teacher:
Matthew Buettner

Information Systems Administrator:

Technology Coordinator: