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San Mateo Tournament/Mind Camp/Six Flags Trip 

The Varsity football team will be traveling to Oakdale High School on June 29th to compete in a 7 on 7 scrimmage.  Players will be staying with Oakdale host players that evening.  A charter will pick up the team June 30th and travel to San Mateo to participate in a passing tournament.  The charter will drop the team at mind Camp that afternoon.  The team will spend the afternoon of June 30th and 2nd  at mind camp.  The charter will transport the team to Six-Flags in Vallejo July2nd, and then to CHS when finished.  The team should be home by 5 pm July 2rd.

This will be a very structured trip supervised by the varsity staff, and expenses covered by Lift -a-Thon moneys.

Parents and coaches will drop players off at Oakdale High School. The team will then travel by charter to the tournament, mind camp, Six Flags, and finally home.

Trip itinerary:

Fri, June 29th

Travel to Oakdale High School 1:00 pm

Arrive at 3:30 pm

Participate in passing League.

Eat Dinner;  Oakdale Host BBQ

Travel with Host family

Lights out at 10pm

Sat, June 30th

Morning practice 7:00 am

Leave Oakdale High School 8:00 am

Travel to San Mateo College.

Arrived at 9 AM

Participate in San Mateo passing tournament

3 PM travel to Anthony Chabot Regional Park (Hawk Ridge Sight)

9999 Redwood Road Castro Valley, CA 94546

Dinner 6:00 PM -- Camp Fire 7:30 pm -- Sleep  10:00 pm

Sunday, July 1st,

Mind Camp activities:  This camp is designed to help each individual grow as a person, and become a contributing member of a very committed football team.  It should also be noted that we will be doing many activities designed to set personal and team goals, as well as set team standards for this year.  No activity will be physically strenuous, and each will be supervised by a varsity coach

Monday, July 2rd

Breakfast     7:00 am

Travel to Six Flags in Vallejo (Admission ticket purchased w/LAT money)

Travel back to Colfax High School 3PM

Arrive at Colfax high school           5 PM

THINGS TO BRING:  Sweatshirt, shorts, cleats, compression tops, clothes for Six Flags, personal hygiene items, sunscreen, hat, sleeping bag, pillow, big lunch for tournament, $40 for lunch at Six Flags and stop on way home.

Thank you,

Tony Martello


I have read this permission slip, the itinerary.

I would like my son to participate in the trip:

Son’s name ________________________________________________

Parent signature_____________________________________________

If you would like to contact your son during the trip, I would encourage him to take a cell phone.  Otherwise, my cell phones number is (916) 212-0352 please feel free to call if important.  

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