The primary concern this year is becoming familiar and comfortable with Colfax High School and all it has to offer.  Check out the many clubs, sports programs, foreign language, performing arts & fine arts departments and the extra-curricular programs that make CHS a wonderful high school.  GET INVOLVED!  Students who are involved maintain better grades, move successfully towards their future goals and enjoy high school. 

Freshmen are advised to begin thinking about the future beyond high school and to focus on becoming good students.  This is the time to practice good study habits and time management in order to attain good grades (C's or better). Freshmen wishing to enter a 4-year college, directly out of high school are advised to familiarize themselves with the A-G Requirements -- grades of "B" and "A" will make for an academically competitive transcript.

The Counseling Department can assist students with academic success, future college and/or career goals, social/personal matters and much more.  Students do not have to wait to be called to the office to see a counselor.  If students have questions or concerns they are invited to stop by their counselors' office anytime before or after school, or in-between classes. Students can make appointments to see their counselor during school class time by coming into the main office and making an appointment through the counseling secretary.

Mrs. Rachel Stevenson is the 9th grade counselor
for 2014-2015. She can be reached through the counseling secretary or via e-mail:

Counseling Secretary is Kerri Rondoni. She can be reached at ext. 2120 or e-mail: