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Counseling Department 

                    Rachel Stevenson ~ 9th & 11th Grades, ROP Liaison, AP Coordinator
                Sherri Myers ~ 10th & 12th Grades, CSF Advisor
                Sonia Bodick ~ Registrar
                Kerri Rondoni ~ Counseling Secretary, Career and College/Career Center, Scholarships, CSF Secretary

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The Counseling Department supports all students in their academic, career and personal/social development, as they work towards high school graduation. We help prepare students for success in life, as they continue on their educational journey to becoming productive members of society. 


CHS Counseling Department is student-centered. We believe that all students have dignity and worth and have a right to an orderly learning environment, supported by a Comprehensive School Guidance Program. The department also believes in the power of positive change, that all students can learn and have the ability to grow, mature and achieve their own unique potential for success. High school is a journey, not a destination. This journey involves the education of the whole person, in a life-long learning process. The Counseling Department will support students in academic, college, career and personal/social success. We believe that this success depends upon the collaborative effort between students, counselors, teachers, parents, administration and the community. 


Students do not have to wait to be called to the office 
to see a counselor. If students have questions or concerns, they are invited to stop by their counselor's office anytime before or after school, during lunch,or in-between classes. By coming into the main office and making an appointment through the counseling secretary, students can see their counselor during school class time. Parents can make appointments by calling the Counseling Secretary. 


If students and parents would like to receive regular reminders via text messaging, please sign up by simply texting the number pertaining to your class. This is a great way to stay in touch with important dates and deadlines 
Class of 2015 Text 916-660-5062 message:  @51d44
Class of 2016 Text 916-512-3088 message:  @rdalt
Class of 2017 Text 916-660-5062 message:  @826a3
Class of 2018 Text 916-512-3088 message:  @rdalt2018
This is informational only. You cannot respond to text messages that are sent to you.