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Biology Units for the Term with support materials and helpful links:

        Animal Body Systems (Includes frog dissection)
                   Click  here  for the practice frog practical.  In your composition book, identify the organs listed from A - T.  
                    (Don't leave any blanks...come up with your best determination.)
                    Use this as a self-study...we'll go over the answers in class.
                        And here are the practice frog practical answers.

        Cell Structure and Function
    Use to review the sodium/potassium pump
    Another type of active transport


    Great overview of hydrogen bonding and why water is such a unique and vital molecule.

Crash Course--Biochemistry--3 macromolecules
    Excellent review of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

    Here are the analysis questions for the Catalase Lab, due Wednesday, 9/30/15

        Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

        Cell Division 


        DNA and Gel Electrophoresis
Gel Lab essay template--click to use the template to write your essay.

DNA--Episode 1:  The Secret of Life.          The story of the scientists involved in determining the structure of DNA.
DNA--Episode 2:  Playing God.                  The beginnings of genetic engineering and the scientists who helped bring about the biotech revolution.
DNA--Episode 4:  Curing Cancer                Using genetic techniques to find a breast cancer gene.

DNAi gel electrophoresis activity--this takes you to the 'Manipulation' page.  Continue to follow instructions to get to the 2-D animation and answer the questions.

        Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis Video clips
    Crash Course--Protein Synthesis  Excellent detail but you are not responsible for the additional details.


        Microorganisms (Bacteria and Viruses)

Click here to turn in your Bacteria Lab Write-Up




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