Pūʻōhala Elementary Head Start Preschool                       

Itʼs the start of another school year, and we are happy that your child(ren) are going to be learning with us in our classroom. Our staff includes the Head Start teacher and assistant: Kelsie Ige and Maria Wilfahrt. And the DOE SPED teacher and assistant: Anne Kiyosaki and Bonnie Colle. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to any of us thoughout the school year. We are excited to have your child join our learning community!

Here are the concepts that we are learning for September: 

Numbers of the month:  3, 4

Letters of the month:   Hh, Nn

Color of the month:  Yellow

Shape of the month: Square

5R of the month:  Responsibility

Unit of Study:  

Our study unit this month is "Colors and Rainbows".  We will be learning how to match, sort, and create patterns using a variety of colors. We will also be exploring with colors and discovering what happens when we mix colors.  Mrs. Matsuura, our librarian, has provided us with a variety of books about colors.  We're going to have so much fun with the variety of color activities we have planned.

After one month, many students have been doing well at following our classroom rules and routines.  This month we will be focusing on Responsibility as we continue to work on and reinforce our classroom routines and expectations.

Target Concepts:

Language & Literacy:  Identifying letters and sounds: H and N
                               Identifying colors:  Yellow
Math:                      Matching, sorting, and following basic patterns

Science:                  Mixing and Exploring colors

Social Studies:         Using basic safety practices
                              Following classroom rules and routines
                              Describing and sharing family collages

Health & Motor:        Jumping & Throwing

Our Classroom Practices the 5R's

  As a community of learners, it is important that young children are able to practice the behaviors that will help them become successful individuals later in life. Therefore, our classroom as well as the school has adopted the 5Rʼs concept. The 5Rʼs consist of the following positive behaviors:






  We feel that by learning the 5Rʼs in class, your child(ren) will have the positive traits to become a life long learner. Please join us by having your family follow these 5Rʼs at home too!