I am excited to be teaching math again this year.  I will be teaching Geometry, Algebra 2 and Algebra 1.  I have taught all of these courses in the past.  I have also taught Physical Education and the online digital lab known as APEX.  I am starting my 16th year in Pueblo City Schools and 15th year at Centennial.  

I am also the Head Athletic Trainer for Centennial High School.  I have held this position for 12 years.  For this reason, I am sorry to say that I will not be available after school for tutoring.  Any of the other math teachers will be willing to work with you.  I will be available before school at 7:00.  Please talk to me the day before or email me the night before to set up an appointment.

I have 2 daughters, Jessica and Cheyenne.  Jessica graduated from Centennial in 2015 and Cheyenne is a senior at Centennial this year.  I like to read, exercise, camp, hike, and travel.

I have taught in high school in Minnesota, Ohio, and Virginia.  I have also taught at SUNY-Cortland.  I did my undergraduate at Minnesota State University - Mankato and my Masters degree at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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