Ms. Mitchell's 3rd Grade Class

Welcome to the most fun you can have while learning!


Student's should be coming home with a student planner (red cover, white spiral notebook) and green folder (plastic with pockets) with a "keep at home" section and a "return to school" section. Please check your child for these items regularly, this is where important information from the school such as programs and events, special offers, and vital safety information will be shared with families; as well as homework that needs completed. If these items are lost/damaged they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. The planner is available for $5 in the front office, the green folder is $1. 

Daily HOMEWORK for Ms. Mitchell's class includes but is not limited to:

Spelling practice: student's have flash cards they should be practicing at least once a night at home.

Math drill practice: every student, every day, needs to practice their multiplication facts as well as complete any math sheets from the day.

Reading: every student needs practice reading to strengthen their skills as well as incorporate reading into their everyday lives. PLEASE have your child read a book on their level for 20 minutes every night. I prefer that they read aloud to you so you hear them reading. This enables you to provide feedback and assistance, as well as develop their confidence in reading aloud. Every student has an AR book from their Media class they should be reading at home every night and returning to school every day.

Good Things: we are working on being positive when interacting with others. This is a skill that helps students look on the bright side, there is enough negativity in the world. Please practice this activity with your child, it will change their ultimate outlook to being more positive and possibly happier overall!