1st hour                              PLC
2nd hour                              Plan
3rd hour          12th Grade Lit. and Comp.
4th hour          12th Grade Lit. and Comp.
5th hour           9th Grade Lit. and Comp.
6th hour           9th Grade Lit. and Comp.
7th hour          9th Grade Lit. and Comp.

If you are absent for class, please consult this website first. As a reminder, you have one day per day of excused absence to make up missed works. Notes, readings, etc. will be under the "handouts" section, per course. The assignments will be under "daily agenda." It is your responsibility to see what was missed. If you have questions after writing down your assignments, please come talk to me before or after class, or send me an email (please keep in mind that, depending on the time and day that you send an email, you may not receive an immediate response) -

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