Dear Parents,

Welcome to third Grade! This is an exciting year in your child’s school career as we learn more about comprehension in reading, more complex math, and more sophisticated writing.

Students are expected to follow the following class rule at all times while in school. That rule is RESPECT for self, others, and property. When the children misbehave they have a clip chart in the classroom for positive and negative consequences.

If your child is not following our class rule they will write about their choices. If they continue to not follow our class rule they will receive behavior “think” sheets to reflect on their inappropriate behavior. If they continue this behavior, even after “think” sheets, they will go into the referral process with school administration.

From now on, your child will have homework Monday-Thursday. The following chart explains this.





-Read for 20 minutes

-Write spelling words 3 times each. Circle each vowel.


-Read for 20 minutes

-Write spelling sailboats for words 1-8


-Read for 20 minutes

-Write spelling sailboats for word 9-16


-Read for 20 minutes

-Write spelling words 5 times each


*In addition, if your child is struggling with a concept, they will have additional sheets. Any school work not finished at school, needs to be finished at home.

            Student’s spelling words are included each week in their planners. If they forget planners, you can find a list on the class website:

            Each night, parents will need to initial the planners that their child has completed their homework. Please check nightly to see if there is any communication from me, and feel free to leave me messages in planners.

Please remember that when your child is absent, they still will be responsible for ALL work, including homework. Please refer to the Park View Elementary Handbook for more information about absences.

In addition, please remember that our motto this year is, “NO EXCUSES!” Please leave all excuses at home, and encourage your child to do the same!

Mutual communication is important to building a community in our classroom. Please contact me immediately if you have any concerns. It is my goal to be your family’s advocate so please let me know what your family needs. I will keep all communication confidential, and seek to help you solve your problem. It is my belief that by assisting families, I help my students immensely---and that is always my goal.

Please contact me with your child’s planner, notes, or in the following ways:                                        Email:               Class phone: 719-595-4014

Thank you!

Mrs. Gray