Course Description
Language Acquisition: Language B-Spanish

The objectives of language acquisition encompass the factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive dimensions of knowledge. Student's knowledge and understanding will be developed through:
1. Learning language.
2. Learning through language.
3. Learning about language.

In addition students learning objectives represent the essential processes of language. They include:
1. Comprehending spoken and visual text.
2. Comprehending written and visual text.
3. Communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text.
4. Using language in spoken and written form.

In. Order to ensure that your students are meeting the objectives, we as a class will focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are encouraged to practice vocabulary and grammar structures orally and written on a daily basis in and outside of the classroom to build fluency.
Course Topics
4th Grade
1. Who We Are
2. Where We Are in Place and Time
3. How We Organize Ourselves
4. How We Express Ourselves
5. How the World Works
6. Sharing the Planet

Level 1
1. Hola a todos
2. Who We Are and What We Do
3. How We Feel and Where We Are
4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
 Level 2
1. Los Pasatiempos
2. La Familia
3. En la casa
4. De compras
Level 3
1. De Vacaciones
2. Ayudando en la Comunidad
3. El Cine y la Television
4. La Tecnologia

1. Website Design
2. Science Fair 
3. Nutritious or Delicious
4. Animation
6. Rube Goldberg

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