Mrs. Kelly Anaya

Hello everyone.  I am native to Pueblo and have been teaching language arts for over 19 years in the public and private sectors. I hold the following degrees: a Masters in Education: Curriculum Instruction & Technology, B.A. in English, Secondary Education license, and minor in Reading. I am a teacher in the Pueblo Health Academy teaching 9th grade Literature and Composition plus Honors, Composition 101 STS, Communication and Rhetoric103 STS,  Senior Seminar and Health Occupations Internship Seminar. I try to live by the Latin saying..."Carpe' Diem! (Seize the Day)"


 New students will need to order one pair of scrubs at the beginning of school year. 

All Health Academy students are required to dress in "professional attire, which consists of  a pair of
dark gray scrubs (top and bottom) at special events, off campus trips and explorations, internships, community service opportunities, and other specific  health-related events. 

Due to the wide variety of styles and colors/shades and to keep uniformity, 
we ask that all scrubs are purchased through us or the website:

allheart Basics Unisex Scrub Set
An order form and bulk ordering (most cost effective; approx. $20.00 a set) will occur during the first few weeks of the school year. Health Academy has a few in stock for sale.  

Please contact us with questions and concerns. 

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