Monday- Thursday Music Schedule:
PLC's Music- 8:15-8:55am 
Flooding- 8:55-9:35am 
2nd Grade Music- 9:35-10:15am 
3rd Grade Music- 10:15-10:55am 
4th Grade Music- 10:55-11:35am 
5th Grade Music -11:35-12:15pm 
1st Grade Music- 12:55-1:35pm
Kindergarten Music- 1:35-2:15pm 

Friday Music Schedule:
5th Grade Music- 8:15-9:35am
1st Grade Music- 8:55-9:35am
2nd Grade Music- 9:35-10:15am
3rd Grade Music- 10:15-10:55am
4th Grade Music- 10:55-11:35am
Kindergarten Music- 11:35-12:15pm


May 8th- 3:20-5:30pm: 3-5 minute tryouts
May 9th- 3:20-5:30pm: 3-5 minute tryouts
May 24th- possible Talent Show run-through
May 25th- 1:00pm assembly for the school and 6:00pm program for the community.  Students in the show need to meet in the music room to get in order no later than 5:30pm



Rehearsals: 3:15-4:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Please be on time and have a way home after rehearsals in a timely manner.

Best behavior is expected at all times.

Concert Music:
"God Bless America"
"True Colors"-Mattyb cover
"Star Spangled Banner"
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

May 5th- Anti-bully kickoff at Morton (assembly only)
May 7th- Sky Sox Baseball Game.
  We will leave at 11:30am and return at 5:45pm.  We sing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch.

Hello Morton families;

                I know that all of you are wondering about the specifics for the Sky Sox trip on May 7th.  I attached a schedule so that you all know what is going on for the entire day.  Remember, money for non-choir members was due by Monday, April 24th.  If you did not turn in a form, you will need to get tickets at the gate.  We will be singing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch I believe.  It is $.50 hot dog night at Security Service Field that evening as well, so make sure that your kiddos take advantage of that.  Many people have bought Fun Zone passes (an area for children to play), Meal Vouchers (hot dog, soda, and chips), and Sky Sox bucks (money that you can use anywhere in the stadium). Students need to wear red or Morton Elementary shirts and black, khaki, or jean bottoms.  It may rain or be very bright and sunny, so sun block, umbrellas, light jackets, and hats are recommended depending on the weather. We are all very excited to participate in Morton Elementary Night at the Sky Sox and cannot wait to see you all there!


Sunday, May 7th 2017

11:15am- students arrive at Morton Elementary to meet the bus

11:30am- bus departs for Security Service Field

12:45pm- bus arrives at Security Service Field

1:00pm- students and families find their seats in the stadium

1:30-4:30pm- Sky Sox v. Fresno Grizzlies game (we sing in the 7th inning)

4:30pm (or when game ends) - bus departs for Morton Elementary, Pueblo

5:45pm- bus arrives at Morton Elementary and students meet their rides to go home

*we will call our rides when we reach Piñon (exit 110) so that our rides know that we are almost home.


Thank you all for this experience with your amazing children!




Karen Lange

Music Specialist

Morton Elementary


719-595-4176 or 719-549-7585