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Book Fair

The Fall 2016 Scholastic Book Fair will be the week of October 31 (there is no school that day) in the Media Center. During the week the fair will be open after school and during the day at the classroom teachers' discretion. On Tuesday, November 8th, Election Day and Parent/Teacher Conference Day, the book fair will open all day, from 8-3:30.  I will have an All-for-Books box at the register again. This not only helps us raise money for books, but also, Scholastic will match the amount we collect and donate that amount to charities that distribute books to kids in need: Reader to Reader, Inc; Kids in Need Foundation and National Center for Families Learning.
You can shop online beginning a week before the physical fair opens, here and ending a week after the physical fair closes.
Next Skate Night is November 10, 2016.

Mr. Davis

Email is My phone in the Media Center is 719-595-4066

Summer Reading

Here are a couple of excellent websites that have suggestions for books to read during the summer:
Common Sense Media: this site also has reviews on movies, video games, web sites, and apps for  tablets.
Goodreads: this site includes reviews for adult books, so parents you may want to use it with your child.

I have purchased some ebooks from ABDO publishing company, they can be read on a desktop or tablet. If you have Internet access, go to the ABDO login page here (the link is also on Haaff's main page). The login credentials for all students are: Username: Haaff353; password is tigers.

Open checkout schedule for this school year:


 Tuesday8:15 -9 am

 Wednesday8:15 -9 am
9:40 - 10:20
10:20 - 11

 Thursday8:15 -9 am
10:20 - 11


Click here to go to the L4U OPAC, Online Public Access Catalog. Students can search for books that we have in the library by clicking the Login button at the upper right, then typing in as user name ipacuser145 and the password of 1234. These credentials will let students search only the Haaff collection. 

Click here to go to the Pueblo City and County Library District's main website. I would like for the students at Haaff to have a library card, as I will be showing them all the services on that site, checking out books, downloading Overdrive, the ebook reader, how to use the databases the library district has available for students to name a few, but to use those services people must have a library card. Its free and simple to obtain. To get a temporary (14 days) card and for information to get a permanent card, click here.

A.R. Parent Home Connect

Click on Knowledge Center tab. There is a link on that page for the A.R. Home Connect for parents to view student results for A.R. testing and goals.

Pueblo City/County Library District Newsletter

This is a link to the newsletter for the Pueblo City/County Library District (PCCLD): PCCLD Newsletter