Supplies For New Students

  Send these on your child's first day.
***PLEASE make sure that your child' name is clearly printed on all of their supplies in permanent marker, before they are sent to class.  Since we all shop at the same stores, children often mistake other student's item as their own.

2nd Grade Supply List 2016-2017

1 ream of plain white copy paper
2 packages of wide ruled writing paper
3 wide ruled spiral notebooks with red, green, and yellow covers)
1 red pocket folder with brads to hold the paper
5 dozen sharpened pencils with number 2 lead 
(Please send these on the first day, and I will keep them until your child needs them.)
1 unbreakable ruler with both metric and standard measures
1 package of wide  tip, white board  markers (low odor)
1 large box of crayons
1 package of colored pencils or markers
2 packages of 4X6 inch index cards
1 pencil box that is small enough to fit in a very small desk
1 pair of scissors with rounded tips
2 large boxes of Kleenex
2 container of disinfecting wipes
1 box of slider Ziplock bags (Boys sandwich bags/ Girls: gallon Bags)
1 pump hand soap (Mrs. VanderPutten)
1 package of white plastic plates (Mrs. Ford)
1 water bottle
1 backpack
1 set of headphones (Microphone not needed) 
1 library card (Free at the public library)  Keep this at home.
*Note Your child will be required to use the Internet every Monday through Thursday for the IXL Math Program.  Please make arrangements for the Internet to be available  to your child during the school year.  I pads, I phones, and the public library all have access to the IXL program.  In addition,  your child can come in most mornings at 7:30 a.m. to make up missed homework.

Sketch book and $2.00 fee for ART


Students will  need a set of inexpensive headphones to use the Success Maker computer program.

Your children may ALWAYS take home their text books and library books to study and reread.