Supply List

South Park

2nd Grade

*Note Your child will be required to use the Internet every Monday through Thursday for the IXL Math Program and Google Classroom.  Please make arrangements for the Internet to be available  to your child during the school year.  I pads, I phones, and the public library all have access to these programs.  

1 set of headphones  (These are used daily in your child’s classroom.  Every child

must have a pair in order to do their math and reading).

2 reams of plain white copy paper

5 dozen sharpened pencils with number 2 lead (Please send these on the first day and we will store them in class.)

1 large green spiral notebook (wide rule)

1 unbreakable ruler with both metric and standard measures

2 packages of wide tip, EXPO whiteboard markers (low odor, EXPO only please)

1 large box of crayons and colored pencils (markers optional)

2 packages of small white index cards  (4X6)

1 pencil box that is small enough to fit in a very small desk

2 large boxes of Kleenex

2 packages of pencil top erasers

1 container of disinfecting wipes

1 box of slider sandwich bags

1 set addition, subtraction and multiplication flash cards (Keep at home.)

1 water bottle

1 backpack

1 library card (Free at the public library)  Keep this at home.

A field trip/technology fee of $20 will be charged.  Please send it to class with your child.

If you would like to donate a bottle of disinfectant soap, or a can of Lysol spray, it would be appreciated.

Please save.


Your children may ALWAYS take home their text books and library books to study and reread.