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2nd Grade Fantastic Cougar 

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  In an effort to conserve paper and because of school budget cuts, I am going to attempt to communicate through E-mail this year. Please make sure that I have your E-mail address. If you do not have E-mail, you can set up a free service through Google. Also, Please remind your child to be extra careful with any Xerox assignments they may have. I do not have the ability to make extra copies, if they are lost.  Many thanks for your help.

  Note Your child will be required to use the Internet every Monday through Friday for the Zearn Math Program, Google Classroom, and Amplify Reading.Please make arrangements for the Internet to be available  to your child during the school year.  I pads, I phones, and the public library all have access to these program.  In addition,  your child may come in most mornings at 7:30 a.m. to make up missed homework.  Please check with the teacher ahead of time, however.  Often we have meetings we must attend and will be unavailable..

  Accelerated reader progress is a part of your child's reading grade. I ask that every child reads, or is read to, for a minimum of 20 minutes EVERY night as a part of their homework.Your child can receive A.R. credit for almost any book, at their reading level.  Students may check out a book at South Park or at the public library.
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Help Wanted!!!
Gently Used and New Items 
for our Treasure Box! 
Dear Family and Friends,
     Please consider our classroom treasure box 
when you are cleaning out your gently used 
items. Movies, jewelry, toys, books, anything 
and everything would be greatly appreciated.
Please ask your student what they are 
excited about in our treasure box!

     To help keep our room germ free, we would appreciate it if you could donate disinfectant spray
If you would be so kind, we also need these items.
       empty ink cartridges
       empty coffee cans
       computer paper
       scrap paper
       potting soil
       box tops for education
       pencils ( we never have enough)
                                To find out more, click here

Parent Involvement
    I welcome and encourage parents to participate. Studies indicate that students whose parents are supportive and involved in their education are much more likely to be successful in school. If you would like to volunteer any time during the day to work with students or help with other tasks, we can set up a schedule. Our school has many wonderful activities that need your help, and your child's class always needs room parents to plan field trips and parties. Feel free to come into class for a visit. Please check with me in advance and let me know you are coming, just in case we are testing.
  South Park is a wonderful place to learn, grow, and make friends! Let's make wonderful memories, this year.  This is going to be a great year!  Go Cougars!!!             
Cheryl Ford
We would love to have your help.
For volunteer information, click here.

Class Contacts

 Phone Messages
     During the day, I am working with your children and may not be able to come to the phone. Often, we are at the library or computer lab, and I am unaware of your call. If you do not reach me, leave a message on my voice mail. In case of emergency, call the office and have them page us. You may also reach me at my e-mail. (If you do not hear from me immediately, be patient. I sometimes forget to check my messages.

(719) 595-4255

(719) 595-4254

Office:  (719) 549-7600






     I welcome the opportunity to speak with parents. I often, however, am teaching after school classes, supervising on the playground, or have staff meetings that I must attend. Please call ahead of time and let me know if you would like to speak to me. I know your time is valuable, and I would hate to see you make a trip without getting to speak to me.