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No, the Writing Club is not for German students only. This page found its home on the German Program web site simply because the German teacher, Frau Moosbrugger, is also the fearless sponsor of the Writing Club - and an aspiring novelist herself. 
It is a fitting place, though, since there are lots of famous German writers, like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich von Schiller (who wrote great plays), Thomas Mann (who emigrated to the USA), Franz Kafka (who wrote all those scary stories, like the one about a guy morphing into a giant bug), Heinrich Heine (who wrote the poem about the Lorelei, the beautiful woman who made the sailors crash into the rocks of the Rhine), etc.
Most of our club members are English speakers and will write their novels in English, but novel writing in any language is allowed.
Come join the writing frenzy. Everyone is welcome. Yes, even teachers and other staff members!

Welcome, Writers!

This year, we will participate in National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a novel (50,000 words or more) during the month of November!

Here is the link with more information:  http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/

Our next planning meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 27, after school in Room 307. New members are welcome!

Our NaNo Kickoff Party is on Monday, Oct. 31, after school in Room 307.

Starting in November, the Smart Lab will be available from 7 a.m. until the beginning of school and for at least half an hour after school for us; if and when you show up is entirely up to you! 

Frau Moosbrugger


I created a calendar for NaNo in addition to the announcements on this page, just in case we get so busy typing that we forget to update the page. To make things a little less confusing, I combined it with the German Program Calendar on this site. Just click on Calendar on the sidebar or here

Main Site: 
Click here for the link to the main NaNo site. Your login for the Young Writer's Program should work for this one, too. This site is geared at NaNoers of all ages and has additional information and forums. 
Caution: The forums are moderated, and there is a code of conduct, but it is always possible that someone posts inappropriate content or makes rude comments. As anywhere on the internet, ask your parents for permission first, use caution, don't believe everything you read, and do not give out personal information.

In case you want another copy of the Young Writer's Handbook, click here for a direct link to the pdf file.

Scrivener, a writer's program that originated during a previous NaNo competition, offers a free trial of its program for NaNo participants that will be active until December. It has a built-in word processor, planning tools for characters, places, chapters, etc., and editing and formatting tools. I've tried it out, and it seems like a good program. Click here for the informational site, including a video about how the program works, and the link to the free download.
Important: You cannot download and install the program on school computers; you would need to use it on your personal device. Before downloading and installing anything, ask your parents' permission, make sure you have backed up your data, and run a virus scan on the new file. 

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