Mrs. Medrano's Marvelous Mini-Minds

My name is Crystal Jackson-Medrano and I'm very excited to have your child in my classroom this year. I'm originally from Ohio where I taught reading intervention, preschool, second grade, and kindergarten. After moving to Colorado, I had the chance to teach first grade on Fort Carson, and kindergarten and third grade in Colorado Springs. I was also lucky enough to meet my wonderful husband here in Colorado and have been spoiled ever since! 

Fifth grade is an exciting year as students prepare to transition into middle school. With this in mind, please be aware that I do expect your child to struggle; overcoming struggles is one way we become strong and knowledgeable. However, please also know that I will be there helping your young scholar every step of the way. 
Students will be asked to read a substantial amount of text in a variety of subject areas. Reading helps students build their vocabulary and fosters a lifelong love of literature.  Students will be expected to read at least 20 minutes each night, which will help to build their stamina and reach their word count goal to earn VSA's (very special activities). 
In addition to reading, writing will also become more complex and students will continue to practice/excel in rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Writing will connect to reading and essays will be a large part of the writing grade. 
Social Studies will be tied into units of study; the past will be tied to the present by incorporating current newspapers and educational magazines into the classroom. Furthermore, fifth graders begin to solve complex problems with complex numbers.  They divide whole numbers, with and without remainders. They make connections between decimals, fractions, and percentages.  These are all skills your child will need, not only to enter middle school, but in the real world!
I'm proud to be the one to help support your child along this journey and encourage you to take part in your child's education. Thank you for all you do to ensure your child's success!
Mrs. Jackson-Medrano