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In our Individuals & Societies class this year, we will cover topics in American History from the settling of the 13 Colonies through the end of the Civil War and everything between.  Here is a breakdown of what topics to expect to cover in each quarter, along with final assessment projects for each unit.
  • 1st Quarter:  13 Colonies and American Revolution--Unit Final will be an expository essay written from different perspectives on the American Revolution.
  • 2nd Quarter:  American Government & Civics--Unit Final will be a creative piece that analyzes how our government works when compared to another type of government in the world.
  • 3rd Quarter: Westward Expansion--Unit Final will be a group-based research project in which students complete research on population change together, then create their own independent cost-benefit analysis of westward expansion.
  • 3rd Quarter-4th Quarter:  Industrial Revolution--Unit Final will be a public service announcement in which students explore the costs and/or benefits of an industry and encourage society to either support or not support their industry.
  • 4th Quarter:  Slavery--Unit Final will be an artwork that illustrates an aspect of slave life chosen by students and researched through student inquiry questions.
  • 4th Quarter:  Civil War--Unit Final will be a documentary that examines an aspect of the Civil War based on student inquiry and research.


We do not have a lot of homework in this class aside from the above projects and an occasional DBQ or response paragraph.  I give quite a bit of time in class for students to work on assignments so that I can help any students that are struggling.  This being said, if students do not manage class time wisely, or make poor choices with the way they use class time, they may find themselves with more homework than they should. 

Bibliographies and Citations:

Students are REQUIRED to cite their sources correctly in MLA format and alphabetical order for any final assessment in my class.  This is an entire grade for Criteria C, and if students forget to complete this part of their assignments, they will find that their grade will drop drastically.  This is not intended to be a "GOTCHA" grade, but on the contrary, should be the easiest grade in this class.  Students are provided with a Research & Citation workbook in the first week of school, and this workbook provides examples of all types of citations in the correct format so students should never struggle with what a citation should look like.  An electronic copy of this workbook is provided below.

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