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Countdown to 2017 BELL Game

Fall Sports Practice Times

IT IS NOT too late to come out for a Fall Sport, but get out quickly.  Official start date for these sports are Monday, August 14th.  Keep in mind you must have 5 days of practice in all sports (except football you need 9) to be able to play in a game per CHSAA rules.  SO, PLEASE GET OUT FOR A SPORT THIS WEEK, so you don't miss a game! Clear through Central Activities office or call 549-7303 for more information.
Here are the practice times scheduled for each sport the week of 8/14/17 through 8/18/17.

FOOTBALL - Monday through Friday 7-9 am and 3-4 pm on Central field.

VOLLEYBALL - Monday & Tuesday 5-7:30 pm and Wednesday & Thursday 4-6:30 pm
                               in the Central Gym

BOYS SOCCER - 3:30-5pm Monday - Friday at the Central Baseball Field.

SOFTBALL - Monday- Friday 7:30-10 am and 4-7 pm at Stauter Field.

CROSS COUNTRY - Monday & Tuesday 7 am at City Park Pool parking lot.  Wednesday
                                      through Friday, 2:45 pm at Central Gym.

BOYS TENNIS - Monday - Friday 3:30-6 pm at Central Tennis Courts

GYMNASTICS - Tuesday & Thursday 7-9 pm at Nogare's and Friday 2-4pm at Nogare's