LET'S BE........IN P.E.!

How do you want to BE in PE? How do you want me to BE as a PE teacher? 

We will explore this the first few days of class and create our social contract. My goal is to build trust and confidence with my students to help increase their self-confidence when learning new skills and the strategies required for critical thinking.  

My students will BE critical thinkers, understand the goals of each class, and understand the skills needed to master the more advanced skills. 

My students will know WHY they are learning, WHAT is expected of them, and HOW they will be successful.

A few discussion questions that will be discussed during our first week are -  

1. What do you want to learn in PE?

2. Phys-Ed is important because _____________________.
3. If you could participate in after-school PE activities what would they BE?
4. What is your biggest fear in participating in PE?
5. How do you feel about Phys-Ed? Love😀, Like😊, It's Ok, I have to do it😐

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