PE 2020 - 2021

Welcome to PE 2020 - 2021.

I am very excited to see you in January! I hope you have had some time to exercise, relax over break. The Corona Virus, also known as Covid 19 has change how PE class will be taught this fall. We will learn a variety of different skills that are used in various games and when playing team sports. 

Skills are the KEY to your success. If you master a grade level skill you are ready for the next level. If you struggle with that particular skill, you will continue to practice until you are comfortable while adding a few dimensions to what you already know. 

Skills, once mastered, are done automatically and allow you more freedom when playing, transitioning, and understanding the movement of the game or sport. The theme for the first and second quarter is to become the MASTER of the SKILLS you learn. 

Sharing equipment during PE class is not allowed right now. You will work on individual skills and will social distance. (We will get really good at working in self space/personal space). In time, (hopefully) we will work with a partner and work as a team. For now - skills, skills, skills.

What does this mean? We will start the year off working on striking skills. Striking (is hitting) an object with your foot, hand, racket (long and short handled) are on the agenda for the first few weeks. Other skills we will develop as the semester moves forward are Speed Stacking, Drums Alive, Juggling, and Dance along with a few surprises. 

 Striking with your feet - Foot Eye Coordination 
1. Soccer - dribbling, Trapping, short pass, long pass.

2. Football - drop kick, kicking from the T- (kick off).

3. Hacky Sack - feet, knees, elbow, shoulder.

Striking with your hands - Hand Eye Coordination 

1. Juggling - plastic bags, tissue, scarves.

2. Badminton/Tennis Racket - (short                    
                                                    handle implement)                                                                                        
2. Hockey Stick - (long handle implement)

3. Drums Alive - (short Handle implement)

4. Batting - (medium length implement) from the T. and
                    self-toss and hit.  

5. 4 - Square - use of hands.

6. Spike Ball - hands.

 Locomotor Skills -

Walk, Run, Gallop, Slide, Jump, Hop, Skip, Leap 


High, Medium, Low


Forward, Backward, Left, Right (sideways), Up, Down, Clockwise, Counter Clockwise


Straight,     Curved,      Zig Zag