Centennial's Art and Pottery Department

Welcome to Centennial's Art Department                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                   Art by Kalena Muller
Teacher: Dr. Jennifer Doerr

Please look in the tab marked class files for a copy of the art syllabus, rules, general outline of course units, lettering in art criteria, and other things students need to know.

Please look under the class links for examples of assignments.

General Information:
Graded assignments are entered on Infinite Campus (usually on Friday)
If students are absent they will need to catch up after they return. Students may come in Tuesday after school to make up assignments.
Students have until 1 week before the end of a 9 weeks grading period to turn in any assignments. No points are deducted for late work. Also, students may improve assignments to raise their grade.
Students should get drinks and go to the bathroom during the passing period in between classes.
Students should have a pencil, eraser, lined paper, and art folder everyday!!!

Electronic Devices.
Students should not have any electronic devices. They are expected to be working in class at all times. 
Please do not call or text your child during school time--please call the office and they will have them get in touch with you. It is important to model the correct behavior and phone etiquette--especially as a parent.
I expect your child to work in art every day and to do their best. If you do not feel the same way perhaps a different  class would be a better choice.
Art Fees for 2017-2018 (to be determined)
Adv. Art and AP Drawing 
Pottery and AP 3-D Design 

Art Club 
Tuesday after school until 4:00 p. m.
(All students are welcome.)

Art Classes  2017-18
All Art Classes have fees to cover the cost of projects.

Freshman Choices:

Sophomore Choices:

Junior Choices:
    Advanced Pottery 
(C or better in Pottery required and permission of instructor)
    Advanced Art 
(C or better in Drawing or Painting and permission of instructor)

Senior Choices:
    Advanced Pottery (C or better in Pottery required
 and permission of instructor
    Advanced Art (C or better in Drawing or Painting 
and permission of instructor
    AP 3-D Design (B or better in Advanced Pottery and teacher permission required)
    AP Drawing (B or better in Advanced Art and teacher permission required)
Selected for Wunderkind Exhibit 2017 (Manitou Arts Center)
Cheyenne McGrath

Pueblo City Schools Art Show 2017

1.       Drawing chalk/charcoal/pastel

a. Honorable Mention: Brianna Forbes       

2.       Drawing in Ink

a. Second Place: Becca Reynolds       

3.       Drawing in Pencil

a.       1st: Jason Baca

b. Honorable Mention: Nicholas Marmolejo

4.       Painting in Oil/Acrylic

a.  Third Place: Tiona Cordova 

5.       Painting in Watercolor

a.       Best of Show: Taylor Snow

b.  Second Place: Makayla Delacruz     

6.       Digital Media/Photography

a. Second Place: Cheyenne McGrath

7.       Pottery in hand built

a.       Best of Show: Samantha Aragon

b.  First Place: Sierra Files      

c.  Third Place: Alexis Ayala     


8.       Pottery in wheel thrown

a.       Best in Show: Brielle Jackson 

b. First Place: Samantha Aragon   

c. Second Place: Raelene Casarez-Quintana

d. Third Place: Magdelaina Wellman 

e. Honorable Mention: Samantha Aragon


9.       Pottery 


a. First Place: Carol Romero       

b. Second Place: Alexander Tutterow 

c. Third Place: Magdelaina Wellman

10.   Printmaking

a. Best of Show: Sophia Auriti

11. People's Choice


a. Best of Show: Ayla Avalos-Morales

b. First Place: Kendra Muller

c. Second Place: Aryionna Benavidez

d. Third Place: Magdelaine Wellman

12. Superintendent's Award:   Samantha Aragon