Are you a candidate for Drug Court?


If you have a drug or alcohol dependency, especially if this addiction led to your current criminal charges, you might be a candidate for Drug Court. This is a 2 year Court supervised rehabilitation program.


Usually, to be considered for Drug Court, your criminal charges must include:


Possession of a controlled substance;

Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute (where personal drug use is a major factor);

Prescription drug offense; or

Criminal charges in which drug use is a major factor


Some conditions, like these, will exclude you from the Drug Court:


Prior felony convictions (other than 1st possession, possession with intent to sell);

Mental illness;

Conviction of any violent offense;

Illegal alien status; or

Pending felony charges in another jurisdiction.


If you are accepted in Drug Court, you must admit your addiction and enter a negotiated Guilty Plea. You will receive treatment, counseling, and oversight, but you will be required to pay monthly fees, attend counseling, NA/AA meetings, and report to the Judge every month. If you complete the program, there is beneficial treatment of your criminal charges. If you fail to complete the program, you immediately begin serving the sentence you were given at your Guilty Plea.


If you have a drug or alcohol problem and want to consider the Drug Court, please call our office and tell us that you want to discuss Drug Court.