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Learn Powerschool basics and special tools, such as giving scores for dropped and added students and linking assignments to websites.

Did I Read That? Tracking Reading with Shelfari and Goodreads

Do you ever pick up a book and wonder if you read it before, or want ideas on what to read next?  How about tracking how what your students are reading?  Shelfari and Goodreads are excellent online tools that allow you to log books that you have read, want to read, and are currently reading. 

Using Your Personal Camera Effectively

Tired of having to delete blurry photos on your camera? Come and learn the following:  how to use basic features on your camera (any kind) and basic composition techniques.  Bringing personal camera encouraged but not required.


Come learn about this excellent web based application that allows teachers to communicate messages/files to their students via website, email, and/or text.

Career Cruising Remediation

For those teachers who would still like assistance using Career Cruising software.

Want to turn up the H.E.A.T in your classroom: Exploration of Web 2.0 tools

The August in-service on Web 2.0 only broke the surface on all the online tools you can use in your classroom and to help with lesson planning.  Join us as we share more features of Symbaloo and other free tools and personally explore how each one can be applied in your classroom to reach the 21st Century Learner.

Online Class Common Elements

Develop the elements that need to be in all online courses; we will also continue our work begun at the Oct 14 inservice; sharing encouraged so bring your best examples; limited to those who teach an online course

Using Google Earth in the Classroom

Learn how your classes can benefit from using this exciting and fun tool to enhance lessons and engage students.


This session is ONLY for World Language teachers who are interested in using QUIA for assessment and those teachers who already budgetd for a QUIA subscription last year after taking the basic QUIA tutorial.

Google Apps

Now that we have all been in-serviced on PTSD Google Webapps, you may be looking to implement this tool as a way of introducing an online component to your classroom to your classroom. If you are thinking about a class blog, online homework submission, online group projects, a class webpage, or other internet based enhancements to your classroom, there may be a way of utilizing Google Webpps to carry out your plan. This session will involve sandbox time and content covered will depend on the desires of the group. Please bring your own laptops.


Do you want to know what all the hype is about with Twitter and Skype?  Many teachers are using Twitter to connect with their students as well as their peers. Come learn how you can use Twitter in your classroom as well as a quick and easy professional development resource. As an added bonus, you will also learn the benefits of Skype and how you can use it personally and professionally.

Integrating Prezis into your Classroom

Still have questions about Prezis?  This workshop will give instruction on creating prezis as well as how to integrate this Web 2.0 tool into your classroom to increase student use. We will also have sandbox time to answer questions, so please have a prezi that you are working on or ideas to create one for a class lesson. Please bring your laptop to this session.

How to use Bb Generic Licenses

Designed for the traditional classroom teacher who wants to use Bb features such as the online assessment, or the discussion board

Intermediate Use of your Personal Camera in the Classroom

For those of you who attended "Using Your Personal Camera Effectively" in October, sign up to attend the intermediate session.  We will review the basic concepts learned in the beginner session, and continue on with using flash exposure,  and aperture priority vs. shutter priority. We will also focus on photo-based Web 2.0 tools that you can use in the classroom, such as Flickr, Picasa, and Animoto.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is quickly becoming one of the most popular educational sites among teachers, students, and parents.  We will learn more about Sal Khan, the creator of the site, his vision, and how this useful model can be applied in our classrooms. Check out their website before you come:

Creating an Edmodo Community

Do you want to learn how to incorporate different tech and Web 2.0 tools into your Edmodo account? We will be going over using the Edmodo Science community, setting up our own community, wikispaces for science, video tracking software  and the possibilities of twitter and Skype. Though the focus will be on science, the information learned can be applied across many different disciplines.

iPhone and iPad Apps

Come and learn about exciting iPhone and iPad apps that you can use for organization and lessons.  Bring your iPhone along if you have one, or come to see if you are interested in purchasing this popular device.

Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Want to cut down on paper while enhancing student learning?  Using Google Docs in your classroom will lead to a paperless lesson with student engagement. We will look at an example lesson using Google Docs, and offer ways that you can incorporate it in your own classroom

Learn how to write a program on the TI-84 graphics calculator and other TI Calculator tricks

Learn basic TI commands to complete a simple program.  We will start with a basic program to calculate the speed of car with inputs of distance of trip and time of trip.  We will then add if-then statements to determine if the car was speeding.  Then, we will look at  a program for a quadratic equations to determine real and imaginary roots.  Calculator tricks include: Learn how to graph a piece-wise defined function. Learn how to  use lists to define other lists as done in excel spreadsheets. Sandbox time will be provided to practice new calculator techniques and/or ask calculator specific questions.

CALPER Resource for World Languages

Last year at the IUP conference, World Language teachers received a comprehensive list of links to a plethora of podcasts of native speakers.  CALPER is an awesome resource that offers no less than 30 links, with each having at least 5-10 podcasts. This Tech Flex will focus on learning about this resource, linking these podcasts to our unit themes,and creating  lessons around these authentic audio dialogues, interviews, and monologues.

Intermediate Technology Integration

This session is for teachers who want to go beyond the basics of PowerPoint, Word, Wiki and other software and Web 2.0 tools to utilize these programs in new ways, or as part of an online element in their course.  Participants need to have ease of use with PowerPoint, Word, Wiki and Google Docs, and online teachers are welcome as well.

Increasing SAT Verbal Skills using

This session will focus on using in the classroom and test-taking strategies for the SAT verbal test. This session will be geared towards English and Writing teachers, but anyone who wants to learn more about Collegeboard and its resources are welcome to attend.

Teacher Webpages on District Site

Learn how to create a teacher webpage using the school district's website.

Using Google Advanced

Think you know how to use Google?  Think again!  Become the Master of Google. Demand more precise searching from your students after you learn all that Google can do.  Show and tell session that covers a wide range of Google features.

Making Recommendations in PowerTeacher

Hands on workshop for recommending students for advanced courses in your dept for next year’s schedules. This session is primarily for new teachers and is a refresher course.

SmartBoard Tools for Lesson Integration

Need some ideas on incorporating your Smartboard into classroom lessons?  We will focus on tools used by World Language teachers, but also include lesson ideas for other disciplines as well. There will be time for you to play on the Smartboard. 

Using Screencast-o-matic

Were you intrigued by the screencast created by Kristin and Caryn for the graduation project grading?  Come learn how to make your own quick and easy screencast for outside of the classroom instruction.

Flipped Classroom Guide

Do you want to learn how to "flip" your classroom?  Flipped classrooms involved lecture and instruction outside of class, and activity development and applied learning during class time. Please bring your own laptop to this session.

Facilitating Online Discussions with Goodreads

Online discussions are excellent ways to encourage student engagement while working on writing skills. In this session you will learn how to use the social reading site to create online discussion groups for your classes, and walk through a sample model lesson to replicate in your own classes.  Time will be given to create discussion groups for your classes and practice using the discussion forum on Goodreads. Please bring your own laptop to this session

Model Lesson: Teaching Students the Election Process

Follow along with Kevin as he walks you through the steps he used to create his Election PBL activity. You will learn how to construct a similar project in your class and witness how the students interact in this fun and educational project.

Creating Classroom Webpages

Participants will be introduced to multiple platforms for website creation, such as Wikis, Weebly, and Google Sites.  You will also learn how to link your website to the district's page.


Tired of the same old form of presentations?  Looking for ways to incorporate discussion and take learning to another level? Learn how to create interactive discussions for classroom presentations via  I will share some lesson plans using Voicethreads, and we will view Voicethreads created by students. You will come away with many ideas of how to incorporate this new tool in classroom projects.


Want to learn how to create fun and interactive webquests for your class?  Participants will view lessons given to World Cultures classes using JogtheWeb, a free online tool for teachers. This tool can be used in all classes and disciplines. You will be given time to create your own Jogs and practice. Please bring your own laptop to this session.

 Online Learning Lessons Turn Up the Heat in Your Online Teaching; based largely on a webinar broadcast on Jan 18 by the Bridges Virtual Education Service; will also include instruction on using Bb Collaborate, the virtual classroom.
 Assessments in the Classroom: Standards Based Grading
 Come discuss Standards Based Grading along with lesson ideas and technology that will help you directly measure your students’ achievements toward your learning objectives!
 Learning with Technology K-6: Elementary Web 2.0
 What are elementary students doing with technology in the classroom? We will overview three different topics: Webquests, Brainpop, and Boggle. See what your future students are learning, or learn some ideas for working with your own children!

Model Lessons: Blackboard Technology

 Attend this show and tell lesson  session where we share our best lessons using the Blackboard software. Participants can share if they want.

 Projects in the Classroom: International Collaboration
 Where can a Tech Flex take you and your classroom? Come learn about a physics unit completed in collaboration between PTHS and Honduras using Edmodo, Twitter, and Skype. Students will share their experiences, and teachers will gain appreciation of a Project Based Learning environment.
 Model Lesson: Using Blackboard to Inspire In-Class Discussion
 Curious as to how a hybrid classroom looks? Learn how to create a lesson in Blackboard to share information with students. Participants will take part in a model lesson that incorporates small groups to spur discussion and promote critical thinking skills. After participants complete the lesson, we will debrief the lesson, go over tips for using Blackboard in the classroom, and discuss how participants can adapt the lesson to their own class. **Participants must bring their own laptop to this session. **
 Learning with Technology K-6: It's a Web 2.0 World
 Want to expand the horizons of your classroom? Want to take your students beyond its four walls? This session is designed to do just that. Learn all about the latest and greatest Web 2.0 tools. Intrinsically motivate students and expand student learning as creativity and collaboration come alive in your classroom.
 Learning with Technology from Students: iPads in the Classroom
 What can you do with the set of 10 iPads in your classroom? Come find out as we learn from our students while trying out the devices ourselves.
 Model Lessons: Goodreads Classroom Strategies
 This session will build upon previous Goodreads sessions. We will cover activities that can be incorporated into classroom lessons or be assigned as homework. The goal is to have students share their thoughts on books and extend discussion beyond the classroom.
 Projects in the Classroom: Storybird and Poll Everywhere
 We know that you have heard of Storybird and Poll Everywhere, but do you know how they are being used in the classroom? In American History students completed a project called "Cold War Stories" in which they had to create an 8 page childrens' book on a topic by using the ready made art work on the Storybird site. In addition, we will look at how a unit on the Vietnam War Draft benefited from using Poll Everywhere. Come ready to share some stories with storybird!
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