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Creating Session Sheets

How can Web 2.0 tools assist me with implementation?

Google Docs provides an excellent and efficient method of organizing and sharing Tech Flex. At PTHS, Tech Flex sessions are created using the Spreadsheet tool for both the full session descriptions as well as the individual sign-up pages for each session.

Session List example sheet: Click this link.
Sign-up example sheet: Click this link.

This section includes direction on how to create these Google Spreadsheets for the list of sessions as well as the sign-up page, and demonstrates how to link the two sheets. Learn how to do this by watching the short video (created with screencast-o-matic) on creating spreadsheets. Written directions follow the video.

Creating the Spreadsheets:
Step 1. Open up your Google Docs page, and click on Create New. Select the Spreadsheet option.

Step 2. You will now be on the page for your spreadsheet. Change the title by clicking on the top left section that says "untitled spreadsheet." Name your document. Try for something simple yet clear, such as April 2012 Tech Flex. Include the year to avoid confusion when creating sessions in the future.

Step 3.  You should now create headers for the top of the spreadsheet.  Put the headers in bold so that they stand out to viewers. These headers can include:
  • Session Title
  • Session Description
  • Date
  • Time
  • Audience
  • Instructor, Co-Instructor
  • Location
  • Class Size
**Remember, the librarian can adapt these headers according to the needs of the school or district. This is just an example.

Step 4. To freeze this top row so that it is always in view, highlight the entire row. Click on the "View" tab, and select Freeze Row-Freeze Top Row.

Step 5. Begin filling in the information for the Tech Flex sessions. When this is done, begin making separate sign-in sheets for the sessions that you have. Create a new sheet for each session. Name the spreadsheet the title of the session along with the month and year.  To simplify this process for the many sessions, create one spreadsheet and copy the header information from the session list onto this new page. Make multiple copies of this spreadsheet, and name each one for a different session. Now, begin adding in the information for the sessions. Simply copy and paste this information from the session list.

Step 6. Linking the session list spreadsheet to the sign-up sheets can be done in a few simple steps. First, highlight and copy the link for the sign-up sheet. Next back to the main session list page, and click on the cell in which the title of the session is located.  Using a specific formula links the pages together while still showing the session title. The formula is:
 =hyperlink("Link for spreadsheet";"Title of Session")

Here is an example of how the formula looks in the cell:
=hyperlink("";"Making Recommendations in PowerTeacher")

After putting in the formula and hitting enter, the text in the cell will be highlighted and underlined. When viewers click on the cell, the link will appear right below the box. Clicking on this link leads to the sign-up sheet for that session.

Step 7. Once all of the sheets are created and linked, the sharing features must be set so that all in your school can view them. For the Session List sheet, click on the "share" button in the top right corner. If the school or district has a Google Apps account, select the option that allows everyone in the district to view the sheet. Do not allow participants to edit this sheet, as only the librarian should be able to make changes to the session list.  For the sign-up sheets, select the share button, and select everyone in the district, and allow participants to edit so that they can add their own names to the sign-up sheet.

Step 8. Place the month's Session List and sign-up sheets in a separate folder labeled with the month and year on the main Google Docs page for easy access in the future.  Go back to the Documents main page, and create a new folder by clicking on my collections, and then the small folder icon with the plus sign inside it. Name the folder. It will appear on the left hand side. Next, go back to all items. Click the box beside the Session List and each sign-up sheet. Drag all items into the correct folder.

Step 9. Once the session list and sign-up sheets are finished, double check all links to ensure that they link to the correct sheets. Email the session list link to a few trusted individuals to try.