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What is the timeline?

Follow this timeline to ensure that each month's Tech Flex Program runs smoothly.

One month before the start of Tech Flex Sessions:
  • Establish the goals/themes of the month's sessions with administration
  • Send out email recruiting faculty members as session teachers/leaders
    • Refer back to Teacher Recruitment page for tips on lesson creation
  • Begin spreadsheet for list of sessions and descriptions

2 weeks before start of sessions:

  • Finalize list of sessions, and double-check that all sessions have a teacher, title, description, and location
  • Create sign up sheets for each session and link each page to the main session spreadsheet
  • Email final list of sessions to the Tech Flex Program administrator, to ensure that all sessions are appropriate and on target for established goals and district initiatives
  • Send out a pilot of final session spreadsheet to 3-4 colleagues to test and make sure that links are working properly

1 week before start of sessions:
  • Send out final list of sessions to all teachers in the district/building. Remind teachers that they:
    • need to sign in with their Google Apps account (or Gmail)  to view the sessions and to sign up
    • Must attend one session (or the minimum set by admin.) but are welcome to attend more
    • Do not need to attend a session if they are already teaching a session
  • Remind teachers holding sessions that they must take attendance for their session in order for teachers to receive Act 48 hours. They can print off the list of participants from the sign up spreadsheet for their session. 
During the sessions:
  • Send out email reminders to teachers holding sessions that they must turn in their attendance sheets to the individual managing attendance.
  • The attendance sheet eventually needs to be then turned in to the administrator to accurately report Act 48 hours.
  • Relax and enjoy teaching/attending sessions!