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Description: What is Tech Flex at PTHS?

The following information gives a basic overview of the program and highlights the main points of implementing a program like this in a school or district.

Basic Description: Tech Flex is an ongoing professional development program that provides teachers with one hour professional development sessions every other month. The program is organized by the librarian or media specialist, and the sessions are taught by teachers, administrators, and/or vendors. Tech Flex is a way to provide professional development on the latest trends in education and technology as well as learning in the 21st century. This program allows teachers to take ownership of their own professional growth and allows them choice over what they learn about and when.

Timing: Tech Flex sessions are held every other month in lieu of a monthly faculty meeting. Sessions last for one hour after school. (This, of course, can vary among school districts).

Requirements: Teachers are required to attend at least one Tech Flex session, but are welcome to attend as many as they like. At the end of the year, teachers will earn a minimum of 4 Act 48 hours for participating in these sessions.

Sessions Topics: Please go to the link on the left entitled "Tech Flex Session List" for a list of sessions held at Peters Township High School during the 2011-2012 school year.


The following videos describe a few sessions that were held this past year at Peters Township High School.

Project-Based Learning and the Election Process

Jog the Web: Webquest Creation Web 2.0 Tool

Using the T-80 Graphing Calculator