Resources for BYOD & Digital Learning

This is this the hot spot for reading up on anything related to BYOD, Digital Learning, and the 21st century classroom. You will find videos, links, articles and much more.

PT School Related Expectations:

Handbook language that outlines expectations and guidelines for BYOD use for both students and teachers. 

Communication with Parents:

Use the above resource as a guide for responding to parents with BYOD questions

PT Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy:

PT Board approved policy regarding the use of personal devices and other technology resources (6/25/12). 

iPads in the Classroom:

25 Ways to use the iPad in the Classroom

50 Resources for iPad use in the Classroom


Blog created by a 21st century English teacher; going paperless, using Smart devices and "flipping" the English classroom.

A blog about teaching and learning with mobile devices.

Kqed: MindShift - Mobile Learning Series

Great ideas and discussions on how Mobile Devices can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

8 Technology Tools that every teacher should use in the classroom


Finding Web 2. 0 Tools for teachers

Article on using cell phones in the classroom.

Article from the NEA on using Mobile Technology in Your Classroom

BYOD Policy vs. BYOD Learning Environment

10 Real-World BYOD Classrooms (And Whether It's Worked or Not)

How Teachers Make Cell Phones work in the Classroom

"It’s our responsibility as educators to teach kids how to interact with the world."– James Sanders, Kipp San Francisco Bay Academy

The Magic of Going Mobile: Augmented Reality, Design Thinking and the Power of Place

A look at how you can go beyond looking at technology as an "add on" and delve into an open-source mobile learning platform.


Use Of Smartphones And Tablets In The Classroom: [Infographic]

Infographic explaining BYOD significance.


Changing Educational Paradigms

Digital Media - New Learners of the 21st Century


An App that helps you find free Apps for your classroom.

Energizing the Creativity of Kids Across the Pittsburgh Region