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[INT1405] Distributed Systems


Time: Saturday from 12:50 to 4:30 (PM)
Office Hours: Workdays (by email appointment only)
Place: 2B25

Course Overview

The main purpose of this course is to present sample problems that occur during construction of distributed systems as well as principles and techniques to solve them. Therefore,there are two parts in the course, first of all, we introduces fundamental concepts of distributed computing and systems, then, we focus to topics that provide infrastructure and components for distributed and ubiquitous systems, system properties, attributes, and the associated approaches. Moreover, we will discuss practical applications of distributed and ubiquitous systems, such as wireless sensor networks (WSNs), mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), etc.

Required Texts

Lecture Notes (will be provided via our homepage)Text Books

Reference books

(Fifth edition) Computer networks: a systems approach, Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie

Homework and Projects

Problem sets will be assigned throughout the course to help students understand practical applications of distributed and ubiquitous systems.

Class organization

Lecture sections (36 hours/9 weeks)
The other activities (9 hours)


Mid-term exam: 10%
Final exam: 60%
Homework and Projects: 20%
Attendance: 10% (Attendance in lecture sections is strongly recommended)

Course Schedule and Content

Chú ý: Báo cáo đồ án diễn ra vào chiều thứ 6 (8/12/2017); 

 Weeks Lecture notes Lab. notes
1Introduction to the course and our current works
Characterization of Distributed Systems
Reading: GIT
2Networking and Inter-networking
Case Study: IPv4 LAN
3Inter-Process CommunicationReading: process; thread; XML tutorial
4Remote Procedure Calls
Socket Tutorial
Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Book and source codes for Advanced Linux Programming
5Security IDS analysis:
6Time and Global States Reading: S-MAC
7Name Services
8Peer-to-Peer Systems 
9Ubiquitous Computing
10Project report on Monday Dec. 11st 2017 ( from 1 : 30 to 4:30)Sample projects
Quick-read books of Arduino project
11Selected problems for final exams 
Điểm số của các dự án xem tại đây: Điểm.

Lưu ý: Các nhóm  chưa trình bày có thể gặp Thầy để báo báo cáo (CS Quận 9) ngày mai, Thứ 2 18/12/1017.