Grade 2 Medieval Times - Fall 2017 & Winter 2018


Excellent family field trip ideas would include:

The NY Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, NY in August and September.

Medieval Times in Lyndhurst NJ is also a perfect place to dine while enriching this unit.

    Children will be immersed in an exciting time in history, just after the Dark Ages and right before the Renaissance (500 a.d. - 1500 a.d.), the Middle Ages. We will learn about dragons and their relationship to troubadours. We will build and identify the many parts of a castle and read about and recreate some of the people who lived in and around castles, including knights. Favorite medieval sports were falconry, jousting, fencing, hammer throwing, and archery. We will also learn to play medieval games, such as Nine Men Morris and Chess. Stained glass windows depicted important stories, which will be the impetus for us to make our own.