Grade 3 Architecture - Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

We will start this unit by learning about lighthouses. Have you ever visited a lighthouse? There are eleven along the New Jersey coast.

Welcome to our third-grade architecture unit.

We will start by examining the need and importance of lighthouses. Then we will be identifying the basic human need for shelter. We will also recognize and distinguish architectural structures from all over the world and look at many styles of architecture and their time periods. Acquiring a new vocabulary associated with architecture will be important as we construct various structures and label numerous architectural components.

            As we figure out the jobs of architects and engineers, we invite these professionals to come to our GRO class and share first-hand experiences. (Please let me know if you can contribute.) It will also be interesting to discover and explore with architects’ tools. Additionally, we will become acquainted with well-known architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier, I.M. Pei, Antoni Gaudi, and others.

     Spatial awareness, including interior and exterior design, is another aspect we will investigate, especially in relation to functionality.

            I am looking very forward to working with your children!

                                                                                        Ms. Armstrong

Take the "Great Lighthouse Challenge"! 

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