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Parent-Teacher communication is encouraged.  If you have a specific question about your student's progress in a class, please contact your student's teacher via phone call or email and ask the teacher to return your call or email.

It is imperative that parents understand the grading (R#2624) and attendance (R#5200, R#5240) policies and regulations as approved by the Board of Education.  The complete policies are accessible in the student handbook and on the district website.  Parents should familiarize themselves with these policies and regulations.  For further clarifications, please contact your student's school.

Please note that the Grading section indicates overall marking period grades, click the GRADEBOOK tab to view individual assignment grades.


Elementary Student Report Cards will be viewable from the GRADING screen following the "Calendar for Report Cards and Progress Reports" posted on the district website.  You will only see a link to the current report card - you will not see a table that summarizes your elementary student's report card grades.


Middle School and High School Student's Marking Period "MP" grades and Interim Report "IR" comments will be viewable in a table on the GRADING screen following the "Calendar for Report Cards and Progress Reports" posted on the district website.  A link to the most recent Report Card or Interim Report is available at the top of the screen.

The Middle School and High School Student's grading screen lists all their Courses, Teachers (with a link to their email), Marking Period "MP" Grades and Comments, and Interim Report "IR" Comments.  The numbers below each MP grade are the comments the student has received for the Marking Period.  Notice that when you hover your cursor over a comment number (i.e. #172), the Comments Legend will highlight in yellow the corresponding text - also, a Tool Tip will pop up that displays the text of the comment. The current Marking Period is highlighted in GREEN.

Grade History

When in the GRADING module, if the selected student is in Middle School or High School the GRADE HISTORY tab will be available.  The GRADE HISTORY screen lists the course and final grade information for each course the student has received a final grade from 6th to 12th grade.  This GRADE HISTORY will appear on the student's official transcript.


A list of report cards and interim reports for the current year will be shown.  Access to report cards is suspended during the preparation period for the current Marking Period.  To view a report card, click on the PDF icon (found in the rightmost column of the table) that opens the document in a new browser window. 

Printing Report Cards:  All Genesis reports are displayed as PDFs using Adobe Reader.  To print, use the Adobe Printer icon to bring up your printer's print dialog box.