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The DAILY ATTENDANCE and CLASS ATTENDANCE screens summarize the selected student's attendance.  

The DAILY ATTENDANCE screen displays a calendar for each month that is color coded for each day during the school year (see the LEGEND).  The TOTALS section summarizes Absences and Tardies for the entire school year.

The CLASS ATTENDANCE screen shows your student's class attendance summary for each of their courses.  One month is displayed at a time and Genesis defaults the view to the current month.  You may change the month by clicking the MONTH drop down and selecting a different month.  Page 2 of CLASS ATTENDANCE displays the summary of Absence or Tardy by course for each Marking Period and Year to Date.  Use the drop down arrow to switch between Absence and Tardy.

T = All Absense or Tardy for the subject
U = Unexcused Absence or Tardy
E = Excused Absence or Tardy