The STUDENT DATA module contains information for each student linked to your Parent Access account.  The SUMMARY screen is a "dashboard" that shows information for each student.  The other categories (i.e. Attendance, Grading, Discipline etc.) display information only for the student shown in the SELECT STUDENT box.  Use the SELECT STUDENT dropdown arrows to switch to another student that is linked to your account.

Please contact your child's school if you have any questions regarding the students listed (or not listed) on your Parent Access account.

Use the Quick-Launch links (shown to the left, under Student Data) to view the Attendance, Documents, Grading, etc. web pages.


The SUMMARY DASHBOARD displays information for each student linked to your Parent Access account.  You will see a dashboard for every student linked to your Parent Access login on the SUMMARY screen.

The left side of the dashboard shows the student's most recent school picture, along with basic information such as Homeroom, Guidance Counselor, Age, Birthdate, Lunch Balance, Locker & Combination, and Active Directory Username.  Information will also be displayed for documents that need to be signed by a Parent Access account including the Acceptable Use Agreement, Media Release, iPad Agreement (HS Only) and other documents.  A green check denotes documents that have been signed by a Parent Access account.  A red x denotes documents that need attention and/or documents that a Parent Access account denied permission.

The right side of the dashboard shows the student's Schedule, This Week's Attendance & Assignments, and Bus information.  If your student is in Middle or High School, when you view your student's information during the school day, the Schedule will highlight the period the student is currently attending.  For example, if you log into your Parent Access account on Monday at 10:00am, Period 3 will be highlighted.  To display a printable schedule, Click the PDF icon for either LIST or BLOCK format (BLOCK format shows the schedule in a grid).  

THIS WEEK shows the student's ATTENDANCE and GRADEBOOK ASSIGNMENTS for the current week.  Clicking on an Assignment number will bring you to the GRADEBOOK > LIST ASSIGNMENTS screen where you can see assignment details.

The BUS table shows your student's Route, Time, Bus# and Pick Up/Drop Off information.

Students who have an IEP or 504 plan will see an "IEP Direct Document Portal" button that will open the IEP Direct Parent Portal in a new tab.  Documents made available by the district, such as the IEP, 504 Plan, Progress Reports, etc. will be listed.  Contact your student's CST caseworker for questions regarding the IEP Direct Parent Portal.