Message Center

The MESSAGE CENTER tab displays a list of the messages received for all of your children.   Some of these messages may be linked to Documents or Letters. Each Message includes a date, an Icon identifying which module of Genesis sent it, the message itself and View, Link and Delete icons when applicable:

Message Alerts

Genesis has the ability to send an alert to your email addresses and text messages to your cell phone.  If you wish to receive an alert when a new message is received by the Message Center, Click the MESSAGE ALERT SETUP button at the top of the screen.  The Alert Setup page will list all the Email Addresses and Cell Phones Numbers you have listed on your CONTACTS tab.  Just click the checkbox to add an alert to an email address or cell phone number. Uncheck the checkbox to remove an alert.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE ALERT PREFERENCES button.

Adding Emails and Cell Phone Numbers to Receive Alerts

The list of email addresses and cell phone numbers shown on the Message Center Alerts screen are obtained from the CONTACTS module.  Go to the CONTACTS module to modify email addresses or cell numbers on the list.