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Parsippany Troy Hills School District uses a parent communication tool which enables parents/guardians to view student information. This tool is called Genesis. The Genesis Parent Access portal provides parents/guardians with a safe and secure way to view their child's information:
  • Marking Period, Exam and Final Grades
  • Interim Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Attendance to school and class attendance
  • Teacher Gradebook Assignments and Grades
  • Discipline Records
  • Letters sent to you regarding your child: General Purpose; Attendance; Discipline; Scheduling; Fines/Fees
  • Documents that have been uploaded for your child:  Emergency Card (updated daily at 3am); Physical Exam Status; Acceptable Use Agreement, etc.
  • Review and edit Contact Information (email, phone numbers, emergency contacts)
  • Online questionnaires or forms.

Genesis Parent Access is divided into four modules (Message Center, Student Data, Contacts, and Settings) whose links are visible on the top right of every screen.  Click on a Quick Link on the left side of this webpage for detailed information about each module. 

Parents logging into Parent Access for the first time should:

  1. Set up alerts for Letters/Attendance/Discipline Incidents:  Go to MESSAGE CENTER > ALERT SETUP
  2. Verify Contacts:  Go to CONTACTS
    • DO NOT change the student home email address - this is your child's school email address.  It is the address they use to log into Genesis Student Access.
    • Review and update the phone and email information for Guardian1 and Guardian2
    • Provide at least two Emergency Contacts.  The emergency contact should be a neighbor or nearby relative who will assume temporary care of your child if you cannot be reached in an emergency. The emergency contact SHOULD NOT be your doctor.
  1. Complete the HEALTH INFORMATION FORM for each of your children: Go to STUDENT DATA > FORMS
    • All questions with a red asterisk (*) are required - the form can only be saved when all questions have been answered.
    • Click the checkbox "This form is complete" then click SUBMIT
    • If you are having trouble submitting the form:
      • Check that all required questions have been answered
      • Check that your browser settings are not blocking pop-ups
      • Try using a different browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
      • Email genesis@pthsd.net and a system administrator will troubleshoot your issue.  Be sure to include in the email:
        • A description of the issue and a screenshot.
        • The web browser you are using (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  1. Verify your child's Emergency Card is accurate.  Go to STUDENT DATA > DOCUMENTS  
    NOTE: The Emergency Card is updated each night at 3am. Changes made to CONTACTS & HEALTH INFORMATION today will be reflected on the Emergency Card after 3am.