Leading the learning 


Direct Instruction
The learning intention for this lesson was to get students thinking about basic directions Including left, right, on top, underneath and also basic shapes. In this lesson the students had to follow a set of directions to create an image identical to the image which was drawn by the teacher. As these students are only just grasping the concept of direction and shape I have drawn alongside the students throughout the activity and projected this on the Apple TV. During the lesson I have at times waited before drawing, in order to give the students a chance to attempt this on their own first. The video snapshots sections of this lesson.

Reflection/ Next steps
The lesson was a great success in terms of the level of student engagement. Students were actively involved in the learning process which minimised how much the students were distracted by other students in the class. In the next lesson, I would ensure that I increased the time I gave the students prior to projecting my drawing on the Apple TV. This would allow students more opportunity to think about what they were having to do before being shown.

Lesson Outline and Class Site Links

Walt: follow directions to draw a picture on the iPad. 1. Introduction and revision of left/right and basic shapes. 2. Teacher to lead the session by giving the students a series of instructions. Students are supported in the initial lesson by the teacher completing the activity alongside students on the Apple TV. 3. Students to compare their image to the completed image on the Apple TV. This is a valuable assessment point for the teacher to identify where students still require support.


Shapes around the class - Explain Everything acitivity by                                                    Khismira Lal

Position - Left and Right - Explain Everything activity by                                                     Susan Dwyer

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