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Stuart Hale - 2010

First tip Favourite short cut - keep the front window - hide the rest

Second tip Do you like manuals? all the manuals for Apple software and hardware are online at - http://support.apple.com/manuals

Third tip Need software for specific purpose goto - http://download.cnet.com/mac/
iPhotoLibrary Manager
Two favourites!

Fourth Tip Services in the Application menu
Add to the iTunes a spoken track
    Alex - for spoken Text!

Fifth Tip The new Kid Pix - Kid Pix 3D! - first demo in the Southern Hemisphere!

Sixth Tip Blatant self promotion - make the web cam point away from the operator and be of more use in the classroom. My RearSight mirror reflects the Camera / Video Camera in Photo Booth making it much more usable - great for use in Animation like I Can Animate too!

A bit about me Recently set up my own company - iEducator to deliver PD for Apple schools throughout New Zealand. Was the Education Adviser for Apple in New Zealand for 14 years. Known to many as the person the has taken the Apple Bus Tour for the last 15 years and over 1500 teachers have taken part in the tour!
I work here Anywhere from Invercargill to the Bay of Islands but am based in Auckland
My blog is here
My website is here