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Term 4 Writing Motivation

Week 8

You are going to write a narrative based on this story.

Task 1:
Storyboard the structure of your narrative. 
What will you start with? What are the main events? How will you conclude it?
Think about where the climax is? Is there more than 1 part where the tension rises then falls again?

How could you convey the setting?
Think about what you would see, hear, feel, smell  etc.

Week 7

This weekend some Pt England students went to the museum and did a workshop on spoken word poetry. This was run by an amazing poet Grace Taylor.
First up she did an exercise thinking about where you are from - a place that you were born in or have lived in or where your family is from. (It needs to be a place that you remember or know well)

In table groups I want you to write down any words or phrases that come to mind when thinking about that place. Record them on a sheet of paper.

You will use your 5 senses to help you focus on particular aspects about that place.


Feel (emotion)

We will share these ideas then you are going to use them to write a poem about where you are from

Each line will start

Where I am from I taste....
Where I am from I smell....
Where I am from I see...
Where I am from I hear....
Where I am from I feel ....
Where I am from I am.....

You can put them in any order you want or if you want to you a line more than once it is fine.
Have a play around with the language and have fun with it trying to convey a sense of the place where you are from.

At the workshop Raenan, Gabriel and Naomi came up with these little gems.

Where I am from the taste of porkbones lingers on your tongue.
Where I am from you smell sulphur like my brother after a rugby league game.
Where I am from you hear birds chirping, like my Mum
Where I am from you see construction sites like my Dad building a house.
Where I am from I feel like I am in a nest.
I am home.
By Gabriel

Where I am all you see is people kicking back, listening to music
Where I am from you hear birds chirping, seagull screeching.
Where I am from you smell petrol from the cars burning down the road.
Where I am from you can taste the salty sea.
By Raenan

Where I am from I see palm trees swaying in warm winds.
Where I am from I taste mango, better than any I've tasted before.
Where I am from I hear singing, laughter around me
Where I am from I feel soft sand upon my skin
Where I am from smells like fresh cooked taro.

By Naomi

Week 5/6

Editing/proofreading publishing The Beach , The Bush, and The Barn narratives.

Derelict Barn/Farmhouse Narrative - Week 4




In pairs you are going to think up a scenario as to how your character or characters have stumbled onto this derelict barn/farmhouse.
You will need to think about who your character/s are and what they are like - their personalities, their appearance. How can you show their personality through the way they speak or think and the things they say?
You will need to think about why your character/s are in this setting and convey that to your reader.
You will need to give your reader a clear picture of what the setting is so the story comes to life for them as they read it. Remember it is more clever to try and weave these things into the action, i.e. to show not tell.
What shows that it has been raining and that it is a wintry day?

Part One
Before you start think of a plan for your story. What will the complication and climax be? How will it be resolved?

Remember though for today we are just working on developing ideas for an effective orientation.

Part Two
Task 1
Come up with 3 sentences that show what sort of day it is. For at least 1 sentence include something which highlights the weather by showing how it affects a character. 

Task 2
Come up with 3 sentences that describe the outside of the barn/farmhouse

Task 3 
Come up with 3 sentences that describe the inside. Have at least 1 sentence that is connected to what a character does/feels. i.e. As Tom walked through the doorway to the barn he......

Task 4
Come up with 3 sentences that highlight 1 character's personality/appearance.

Vocab- Outside

squelching mud


legs felt like lead


Vocab- Inside barn

gloomy interior

musty smell

damp, mildewy smell

scuttling noise

cobwebs clinging to my face


voice echoed

darkness pierced by a shaft of light 

graffiti on the walls

wind whistling through

sticky strands


Lost/car broke down

Lost on walk

Pursued by someone


"Why did we have to come this way" grumbled ….

"Hey look at this" …. said enthusiastically.

Kat  looked at  Tom with a cheeky grin then stomped in the puddle, sending shower of muddy water all over my legs.

whinged, whined grizzled, fumbled, muttered under his/her breath

Forest Narrative -Week 3

This is a picture from a game. It is set in America in the 1760's-1780's during the American revolution. The soldiers are called redcoats. 

Your task is to think of a possible scenario for this picture. What is happening and why? As a short narrative think about what a possible complication/climax and resolution could be. 

Your Task - Write just the orientation.
Remember in your orientation you need a hook to get your reader engaged in your story from the start. Going straight into the action of what is happening is a good way to do this. Remember you also want to weave into the action descriptions about the setting, where it is, what sort of day, what the atmosphere is like. Likewise you want to introduce us to the character, who is her and what is he doing there

Point England Beach Narrative Week 2

Every picture tells a story. 

Use your imagination and experience to narrate (tell) a story about the photo. 

Why are the people there?

What are they doing?


What problem is caused? 

How is it solved?

Think about: where your story is set

who your characters are – what they do, what they say, and how they think and feel the problem and how it is solved the order of your ideas and how they are linked.

Remember to: choose your words carefully

take care with your spelling, punctuation, and sentences edit – add or delete words or sentences to improve your work.

Week One - Sentence Expansion/Improvement

Think about different scenarios as to why she might be slamming the door.

See if you can intertwine some information in about her character or the setting by adding to the front, back or middle. Do this for each of your scenarios.

She slammed the door.