Lesson: Directions  
 Direct Instruction
The learning intention for this learning experience was to give directions to locations using grid references, turns, and points of a compass. In this lesson, students learning to give directions to locations using turns and points of a compass. The idea behind this task was to teach students how to give clear directions so this would then be transferrable to coding of a Sphero using the app, Lightning Lab. In this task students work through a number of problems where they have to give directions from one location to another on a street map. The idea is that the audience will be able to follow the instructions created by the students to then code a sphero (or similar) to complete the instructions. This video shows direct teaching of turns and points of a compass as well as student problem solving and developing understanding.
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 Reflection/ Next steps
Through watching and editing the video footage of this lesson, I came to realise how this lesson could have been completed in a shorter time than what it was. Students were engaged, however by the end of the lesson, students had lost interest and were wanting to move onto something different. I need to be thinking about how I could better managed time of the lesson, and keep the students engaged right until the end. Bringing out the sphero could have assisted with this and given another purpose to the lesson. Students could then have been set the challenge to translate their directions from the presentation into coding of the sphero. I also felt that use of the ipad airplayed to the TV is not especially necessary throughout the entire lesson. There were a number of occassions when students were working out or talking to each other about their learning and I appeared to have missed it as I was trying to prepare the next slide on the iPad. This could be prevented by preparing the iPad slides prior to meeting with each group. This would save time while allowing me to observe students learning more.

Things to note
Consciously think about how I can complete lessons in shorter lengths of time (to hold student engagement).
Create lessons which are more interactive for the students.
Encourage more student discussion.
Prepare explain everything slides prior to group teaching.

Class Site Content  
Walt: give directions to locations using grid references, turns, and points of the compass.


Testing continues this week. While you are not testing, you will be working through these tasks:

1. Meet in groups to revise add/sub/mult/div strategies. 
2. Begin working through the Directions presentation. This gives you more questions which you came across last week.
3. Discuss slide 9 with a classmate - What is special about 0o, 90o, 180o, 270o and 360o?
4. Continue working through the presentation, Directions & Angles and 
the Code.org courses.

Tasks and Links:

Problem Solving


Directions & Angles
Code.org (Courses 2-4)

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