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Kiaora, I'm Matt Goodwin and I've just about completed my 1st year as a Beginning Teacher at Pt England School, and I am part of the very first cohort of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy (MDTA).  I teach Year Five and Six in a modern learning environment, and am loving it.

As part of the MDTA programme I have spent every Wednesday out of the classroom and in a professional learning group for Digital Immersion and PRT support, run by Dorothy Burt and Anne Sinclair.  As part of the programme I am also completing an Honours Degree in a Bachelor of Education, lectured by Prof. Stuart McNaughton, Dr Rebecca Jesson, and Dr Mei Lai of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre.  Previously, I have completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in both Education and Sociology, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) at the University of Auckland.

This page offers a brief look at some of the skills and learning I have picked up on my journey so far.

Core to our own learning and to teaching in a digital environment, is confidence in using and navigating Google Drive. Therefore the logical place for our digital immersion to begin was in becoming "Google Drive Masters".  
We started with the basics of how Drive itself looks and works.  Then learned the importance of naming our documents, and how to file them into folders logically.  The first app we mastered was Docs, before moving onto Slides, Sheets, and Draw.  I use these tools everyday in the classroom, and having spent the time learning these in our Digital immersion sessions, means that I can assist the students in almost any problems they encounter while using them as well.  In one session we worked collaboratively on a Google Doc to produce a "Google Drive for Dummies" type resource, I later polished the document and shared it out on Google+ to the Manaiakalani community for anyone that wanted access to the document. Theres a link to the right if you want to check it out.

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Learning to use Google Sites successfully has been a hugely useful skill in our teaching.  Our students navigate around our class site to access their learning via their chrome books.  Being able to design, and build webpages in a logical and easily accessible fashion is vital for our learners, and reduces wasted time in the classroom.  We began by creating a sandpit site which we kept private while we learned the ins and outs of how to set up pages, and the layout of our sites.  We created a shared website resource for a Year 9 Enlgish unit at Tamaki College around  Romeo and Juliet, and have since made multiple websites for our term themes in the classroom.  We are able to link sites within each other so that they are easily accessible to our learners.
Class Site
Romeo and Juliet
Commonwealth Games

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Another skill we have been learning and using a lot, is how to make polished short videos for our learners.  Whether we need to make a short movie with the students as part of their learning, or screencast what we are doing on the computer as a resource for the students, or film a professional interview style movie for our own learning portfolios, we now have the skills necessary to do so.

We have spent multiple digital immersion sessions working with iMovie and Youtube, but we have also been learning about sound production using Garage Band. I ran a Manaiakalani toolkit specifically teaching other teachers how to use iMovie and Garageband interchangeably.

Each of us also submitted a movie into the Manaiakalani film festival. You can check out my classes entry here below.

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Learning to manipulate images using digital tools is essential for making digital resources for our learners.  We have learned basic skills around cropping and resizing images, as well as how to digitally adjust or enhance images.  Using google draw or apps such as pixlr and Hyperstudio, we are able to make digital images from scratch.  This has come in handy for making specific images to match what we needed to create when we couldn't find a free-to-use image on the internet, or for making buttons and titles on out sites.  One skill that we found particularly fun was using the digital camera to make a stop/start animation. You can see what I came up with over to the side.

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Near the end of this year we have been exploring the maker movement.  We have had time to familiarise ourselves with different forms of coding, and how this could be explored in the classroom. I look forward to upskilling myself in this, and using it more in the classroom next year.  

Heres a presentation I made to provide an introduction to coding with my learners this year.  My students really enjoyed the lesson, and have been spending more of their own time learning code by themselves.


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