Learning and Teacher Sequence
WALT (We are learning to):  estimate and measure mass/weight using scales.

Video Description 
This video show the introduction of mass and estimating and measuring weight. The learners and exploring these ideas by estimating and measure the weight of their teacher before more hands on exploration in a group. The aim of this lesson is to build understanding of weight and learn how to measure it using a range of scales.

Teacher Notes/Planning

Key teaching points
-Estimating is using what you know to make a good guess.
-Weight is measured in kilograms and grams. There are 1000grams in a kilogram.
-We need to choose whether we use grams of kilograms when estimating.


I found that due to the fact that this was our first time exploring weight and resources were limited the learners were on the mat for longer than is ideal. It would have been better to have more hand on exploration passing objects around to gain an understand of different weights. I also need to limit my talking and allow learners to discuss more. While having station was good as it allowed for smaller groups, the groups without a teacher supporting them did struggle more as some member were confused and they did not get the support they needed from each other. I also need to plan out what I am going to say a little more as I found I repeated myself a bit.

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