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Kia Ora, I am Clarelle Davis and I am a teacher at Pt England School. In first year of teaching I was a part of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy. This program has given me many opportunities from learning the basic of Drive, Doc, Sheet and Sites to creating all kind of digital learning objects. This sites has examples of some of my learning from my first year of learning.

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Blogging is an important way of sharing our learning digitally for the world to see. This year I have learnt a lot about the importance of visible teaching and learning. Blogging makes this easy!
 Class Blog 
This Blog is home to our classroom learning. 

  Professional Blog
This blog is a record of my own professional learning. I use it to share my learning with others and provide evidence of how I have met The PCT criteria. 

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My Movies

This year I have learnt a lot about moving making. From angles to light to preparation and more. I have learnt to create polished video that showcase learning in a range of ways. I had a lot of help for my early experience of film making by throughout the year I became more and more capable. 

                                                          This movie was create as part of our learning about                                                                       Olympics and it was my Manaiakalani Film festival                                                            movie for 2016. It was Shown at the Xtreme Screen
                                              at Sylvia Park Hoyts on November the 9th. 

PENN Movie 
made with Mentor
PENN Movie 
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Creating Google Site is an essential skill for Teaching in a Manaiakalani School. It makes sure that teaching and teaching is visible and accessible for all learners. Every day my learners use the classroom site to access their learning in a multimodal way. Google Site create is a skill that I have used all year and will continue to use as a central part of my teaching practice. 
  Class Site
 Current Events Site 

 Amazing Architecture
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The Maker Movement is about providing learners with the knowledge of the technology that they use. This year we learnt about coding and how to teach children about basic coding so that they could continue to build their knowledge of how computers work. 

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Toolkits are the way that we as teachers support each other to develop digital skills. This year I ran two Toolkits each with another amazing BT. 
Digital Modelling Books



Twitter Feed
 This Feed is up to date with what I share on Twitter. 

Class Onair
Class Onair provides an opportunity to share teaching and planning so other teachers can see how Manaiakalani teaching in a 1-1 classroom works. 

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