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Using the Blogger Settings well

If the settings have been thoroughly completed
  • Every post should be emailed to the teacher
  • Every comment should be emailed to the Teacher AND the general researcher address
  • Possibly posts are being emailed to the parents
A reminder of this process is towards the end of this video

Teacher Dashboard

For schools using Teacher Dashboard, all the posts and comments are availble through Tabs on the TD.  This is the easiest way to monitor the posting and interactions of the whole class at a glance and is highly recommended.

Dedicated email account

We began including a dedicated email address for receiving blog comments into EVERY student's blog settings when we realised what a wealth of research information would be available in one place.  This has indeed proved very useful but it is also a very simple way to have an overview of the whole school (or in our case the whole cluster of schools) in the one account.