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Creating Blogs

Sadly there is no way to automate this until Blogger release updates enabling this.

Work from the Spreadsheet

It is important to work from the spreadsheet to create the blogs. Simply click the URL you have created and it will open in Blogger and tell you that a Blog does not exist at that URL, BUT it is available to register. You click the Register button.

Create the skeleton of the first student blog

This video talks you through this process going from spreadsheet to registration to the initial set up of the blog.

Restore Blog from .xml File

Dismiss the Dialogue Box inviting you to begin blogging

Go to >Settings >Template
In top right hand corner click on "Backup/Restore"
Now you are invited to choose a file to restore this blog from, so locate the file you downloaded to your Hard Drive
Click >Upload
The template loads and the student now has a blog using the school template

Populate the Gadgets

  • All the gadgets are there, but the contents are stripped in the upload process, so we have come up with the shortest method we could think of to repopulate them.
  • All the HTML and text we need is ready to copy/paste on a simple Text Edit file

Adjust the Settings

Finally, we need to work through the settings and make sure that they are all adjusted to suit the agreed school Blogging protocols.

Test Post and Comment

The most efficient way to check if the posts and comments are working correctly is to post a simple welcome and write a comment under it for the student.
If the teacher is highly organised this first post might already be available in a digital format somewhere and could be copied and pasted into the first post.  If not, a simple sentence of welcome will do - it can even be deleted later if the student doesn't like it!!