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Student Blog Protocols

Thanks to the pioneering work of Helen Squires, we put together this page to help Pt England teachers who have individual student blogs in their classes. In the beginning only some teachers did this. Now it is not only the Pt England Way but also an important part of the Manaiakalani "Learn Create Share" pedagogy. So ALL students have an individual blog from Year 1.
We have bullet pointed the things that have been learned and the things we have concluded are essential at to ensure student safety, maximise student learning and accountability to our BOT and parents.

All student blogs must be owned by the school at primary school
  • Not the child because they are under the legal age 
  • Not the teacher because after a year the child moves to another teacher
The Admin owner of the blog is pesblog@ptengland.school.nz   etc etc
  • Students can only post to the blog using their Google Apps login (created by Hapara)
  • Under no circumstances may a teacher or student set up a student individual email address using any other email address
There is a set naming procedure for student blogs.  This is so that we all can easily remember how to log onto student blogs AND so they feed through to Teacher Dashboard smoothly
  • All the URLs begin with pes+firstname+initial of surname  so john smith would be pesjohns.blogspot.com
The class blog will have all the student blogs listed in a sidebar gadget so the teacher (and everyone) can see at a glance who has been posting

All the requirements of a Pt England class blog will be adhered to
  • The settings of the blog will be ensure
    • Under Settings > Formatting > Time Zone shows Auckland (so you know when they have been posting)
    • Under Settings > Comments > Comment Notification Email > the teacher's email is included, also the ehsasnz@gmail.com address (for research purposes)
    • Under Settings > Email & Mobile > the teacher's email AND if available, the parents' email is included
    • Under Settings > Permissions > Admin will be pesblog, Author will be the class email, Teacher may also be an Admin